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I've been dreaming colors and shapes again.  Deep in dreamspace I soar through stars and inky black, lighting on the stretched canvas of bright mother moon.  Immediately I sink with earthly duties, pulling threads of canvas taut.  This list to do, a lead albatross around my neck of work, bills, and mail unanswered, weighs double in dreamspace till...  RIP!  

        I plummet to earth, a human stone, tethered by errands undone.  Falling, I scream out to my sister the wind, piercing the cosmos between us.  Gaining speed now, I drop until burdens take wing, escaping certain death.  A shopping list takes off for Mars and the mortgage zips out with a star.  Bad-tempered kids fly to Venus and my diet cinches up Orion's Belt.  Dropping still, I have not fear...   I am free.       

        I wake with a start, hear the soft, even breath of my mate, and roll over in bed.  I fluff concrete pillows and close my eyes....  to burnt umber skies.  Fat fuchsia raindrops shower down from a virgin sky, soaking me to the skin.  I run through cobalt grass, knee high, laughing, swallowing air of ginger and orchid, exhaling a rainbow of butterflies.  Looking up to fertile sky, I smile and blow a kiss to the canvas of bright mother moon. 

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