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The carpet was peach and matched the pale walls of the livingroom at Delta Delta Delta sorority house.  It was fall rush in my freshman year of college.  Seventy girls were all talking, chittering voices like monkeys, all hoping for a chance to pledge and become... Ta Da!... a Tri-Delt.

My voice wasn't with me, didn't want to be a monkey.  What the hell was I doing here?  Oh yes!  Trying to please my mother.  She reminisced that sority life was the highlight of her college years.

Yes.  I decided I could be a monkey, perhaps a howler monkey that throws crap at gawking tourists.  I might make a fine specimen in this peach carpeted zoo.

The bottle blonde Tri-Delt asks me the canned question everyone else seems to be answering, "If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you consider to be your most essential cosmetic?"  She looks at me with vacant, full moon eyes. 

"Chapstick," I answer, knowing I'd never be a Tri-Delt.


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