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Reaching out, I feel myself spinning.  Dancing on clouds, I am happy and carefree and alive this day.  I have a new lease on life--one that I traded in when we left Portland and the cold damp sickness.  I left my Judas body and flew away with a lighter spirit, no longer plagued by rheumatoid pains that woke me in the dead of night.  White blood cells seem happily content here, not chewing me up, making hamburger of my insides.

"So, how are you feeling?" my friend types in an email.  "How's the Lupus?"

"I am fine.  I am well!"  I type back with joints of a ten year old. 

I hit the send button and reach out into cyberspace, healthy.  Today I danced on clouds and tonight I will gather up stars for a lifetime of tomorrows.       
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