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It's hard to believe I'm finally back at school again, making another stab at my college degree--the elusive, slippery fish! 

The young face at the admissions window says, "Until your transcripts arrive, you'll be an unclassified student.  Yeah, the bad part is, you register last."  And she wasn't kidding, dead last.  The only thing left on my list of classes to check off?  Microeconomics.  Like drinking a cup of dryer lint, God help me, microeconomics!  Supply and demand, calculations to figure the mean of a slope.  Is this English?

It's hard to believe I didn't pick up my belongings and bolt out of the door after the professor announced that the calculations necessary for this "introductory" class would be a nice brush up on our calculus.

It's hard to believe that this well-meaning man in the University suit actually believes I   had  calculus to brush up on.  And if I did, it was probably forgotten or lost in a diaper bag--shoved down deep like forgotten change in a sofa.

It's hard to believe I'm actually going through with it.  No, actually it's not hard to believe.  I'm going to get that damn degree.  I can almost taste it!
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