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It's a Big Hair Day in Hilo. 
And big hair gets
with salty ocean waves,
ginger-flavored trades, hot dry sun,
and restless nights of damp sleep.

Unbroken line and deep
we dream and play and live
A chant! 

Big hair gets bigger

Hawaii wraps around each strand
giving it island life of its own 
thick and alive,
our manes move and breathe
shared ancestral energy.

Collective life and love
in music and dance and song, 
Look out! 
Big Island hair gets bigger and bigger... now it's even bigger.

It's a Big Island Hair Day in Hilo. 
Pele smiles on us, blessing her children
        from many homes
and tied to this land.
She lives through our hair.

Pele wild and untamed
in wind and fire and rain. 
Every day!
Pele's Big Island Hair gets bigger and bigger and bigger still.

~by Piper Selden