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Submitted by: Baron Fujimoto (local style directions)
  • cook rice (da sticky kine),
  • make 'em into one SPAM shaped block about 1"-2" high,
  • t'row one slice fried SPAM on top, and wrap da buggah wit' nori. (seaweed wrapper)
  • Da only hints I can 'tink of is,
  • try wet yo' hands and put little bit salt on top when you stay making da musubi shape wit' da hot rice,
  • and toas' da nori little bit first.
Hints from uddah peepo':
  • Use da SPAM can and use fo mold for da rice.
  • Den da slice of  SPAM goin' fit perfect on top.
  • If you can fin' furikake (seaweed spice mix) out dea, mix it in da rice firs.
  • Get one mold from da stoa, plastic kine.
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