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Things to do today
Wonder Woman on roller skates
Wake to the mynas scratching on the roof
Think about writing
Make coffee
Take one breath
Put a load of darks in the wash
Wake the kids
Check the schedule for school:  walking trips, swimming, or tae kwon do?
Make breakfast
Shovel kids into car
Deposit children at schools around town
Take one breath
Drive home
Think about writing
Clean house
Study for exam
Go to work
Answer phone calls
Wolf down lunch
Take one breath
Finish work
Think about writing
Plan dinner instead
Put clothes in dryer
Take one breath
Pick up kids
Feed some snacks
Mediate fights, apply Band-Aids and kisses
Feed dinner to family
Feed dinner to cat, mouse and fish
Wash dishes
Take one breath
Bathe children
Read stories
Listen to stay up excuses
Turn out light instead
Pour self glass of wine
Think about writing
Pour self into bed
Take one breath
Wake up to gecko night chants
Write with the moon.

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